Welcome to St. Patrick's Parish  (Monson)

Home of the St. Peregrine and Miraculous Medal Novenas

And St. Christopher's Parish  (Brimfield)



Though separate and distinct, we are Roman Catholic Communities that show our faith through love, forgiveness, healing, and compassion as taught by our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Our willingness to share time and talent is what makes us truly rich.  We strive to grow in our daily commitment to become better members of God's family.  Called and led by the Spirit, we seek to know and celebrate Jesus through Word, Sacrament, and Service.  It is our Mission and hope that we will be humble in our endeavors, and that our compassion will include all who are in need.  We welcome all who attend our Eucharistic celebrations, all visitors, all new friends and hope that you will favor one of our parishes with your prayer, your presence, your talents.

Mass Times

4:00 PM Saturday ~ St. Patrick’s
6:00 PM Saturday ~ St. Christopher’s
8:30 AM Sunday ~ St. Patrick’s
10:30 AM Sunday ~ St. Christopher’s

Monday and Wednesday 9:00 AM at St. Christopher’s
Tuesday 8:00 AM and Friday 7:00 PM at St. Patrick’s

Holy Day Masses
As Announced


St. Patrick's and St. Christopher's Parishes are Open

Please wear a mask, bring hand sanitizer and follow the six foot rule.  Ushers will guide you but be aware that the church can only be filled to 40% capacity.  People may not be allowed inside after that.

Covid 19 Guidelines

1. All places of worship shall limit capacity to 40% pf the buildings maximum permitted occupancy level.

2. Those who are not part of the same household must be seated at least 6 feet apart.

3. Rows shall be blocked off and kept empty to allow for sufficient distancing between rows.

4. All attendees and staff must wear face coverings or masks upon entering, participating in worship and exiting the facility.

5. For children between the age of 2 and 5, the wearing of a face covering, or mask is at the discretion of the parent or guardian.  Children under the age of 2 should not wear a face covering or a mask.

6. A person who declines to wear a face covering or a mask because of medical or disabling shall not be required to produce documentation verifying the condition.

7. The distribution of communion shall be in the hand ONLY.

8. Markers are placed on the floor to assure that all people remain at least 6 feet apart.

9. The Sign of Peace will be omitted.

10. Communion from the cup will be omitted.

11. Holy Water fonts will remain empty and covered.

12. Parishioners are encouraged to bring their own sanitizer for personal use.




Office Hours

St. Patrick
Monday ~ Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

St. Christopher
Monday~Thursday 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM


Annual Catholic Appeal

         Annual Catholic Appeal

This Lenten Season, we are called to prayerfully consider a sacrificial donation to the 2021 Annual Catholic Appeal.  "Sowing the Seeds" of our faith will sow the seeds of hope to those who most need our help during this time of COVID-19.  Ministries and agencies provide emergency food, support services to the family & elderly, services to young people, pastoral and spiritual support services and support of vocations.  Please help our parish meet our goal!  It is simple to give....send in your one-time contribution, or make a pledge using the donation card you recive in the mail, or donate by calling 413 452-0670 or online~ www.diospringfield.org/aca     All donations are tax deductible.

CCD St. Patrick's


Attention Grades 1, 5 & 6 CCD Students

We now have students registered in grades 1, 5 & 6 and classes wil begin meeting virtually via Zoom.  Bridget Wietecha has scheduled a 1st grade class meeting for Sunday, Feb. 28th at 10:00 AM.  She would like all class members to complete the first unit, Chapters 1-7, before the first meeting.  Do not complete the test it will be done together.

Grades 5 & 6 have started virtually.  Once your student is registered and has the class book, contact Correna Roberts at 267-9475 for information on how to access the class.

Please remember that the Sacramental programs are two years and the child must attend both 1st and 2nd grade to make First Communion and both 9th and 10th grade to make Confirmation.  

Brimfield Public Access Channel

                                Sunday Mass on Brimfield Public Access Channel

Brimfield Public Access will begin airing Sunday Masses at St. Christopher's live on cable channel 192, with a rebroadcast Sunday night at 4:30PM.  This is another option for those who are unable to join in person.  Remember that Masses can also be watched live and taped via Facebook.

Clothing ShedsText

St. Christopher and St. Patrick's Clothing Sheds

have Reopened!

2nd Sunday in Lent




  • Sun, Feb 28th

  • Sun, Feb 21st

St. Patrick (Green), St. Christopher (Orange) Events

Please click on an event for more detailed information; to close the information, click on the event title again.

Spiritual Communion Prayer

My Jesus, I believe that You are truly present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  I love you above all things and I desire to possess You within my soul.  Since I am unable at this moment to receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart.  I embrace You as already there, and unite myself wholly to You.  Never permit me to be separated from You.  Amen.




Food Bank Needs


March is peanutbutter, jams and jelly month.  There is a constant need for tuna, fluff, and canned fruit in addition to the peanutbutter and jams and jellies.  Please leave donations in the baskets at the entrance to Mass or drop them at the rectory.   In addition to the food needs above please consider making a monetary donation.   If you would like to make a monetary donation please mail to: Wales Community Pantry, 85 Main St., Wales, MA 01081.  


Words of Inspiration




Pray for

 Pray For : 

James Dunn

as well as

All Who Need Our Prayers

and an end to the Covid 19 Pandemic.