Cemetery Rules


The following Rules and Regulations have been adopted by the Bethany cemetery 
 for the mutual protection of lot owners and the cemetery as a whole. 
All lot owners and visitors within the cemetery, and all lots sold shall be subject to 
these Rules and Regulations and to such other Rules and Regulations and 
amendments as shall b e adopted by the Bethany Cemetery commission from
time to time, and the reference to these Rules and Regulations in the certificate of 
ownership to a lot shall have the same force and effect as if fully set forth therein.


1. The cemetery will be open during May through October from 8am until 8pm and
during November through April from 9am until 5pm.

2. Children under fifteen years of age will not be admitted unless accompanied by
a person responsible for their conduct.

objects will be removed.

4. Flowers and Flower Receptacles: Glass jars, tin cans or similar containers will
not be permitted as flower holders. Artificial flowers will not be permitted (except in
winter arrangements) nor will wood or wire devices used to hold pots upright
. No 
vigil lights allowed.

5. The planting of trees, shrubbery, plants or flowers on lots is strictly prohibited.

6. Summer Plants and Flowers may be placed on lots in time for Mother's Day and
may be left on until July 6th, when they are to be removed.

7. Winter Plants and Flowers may be placed starting Thanksgiving and may be left
on until April 1st, when they are to be removed.

8. Plants and Flowers may be placed on lots for Birthdays and Anniversaries, but
must be removed after 2 weeks.

9. Flags will be placed on the Veteran's Graves for Memorial Day and Veteran's Day,
but will be removed after 2 weeks.

10. Removal of Decorations: As soon as flowers, wreaths, emblems, baskets,
used at funerals or placed upon graves at other times become unsightly, they will
be removed and no responsibility for their protection or maintenance will be assumed.
All spring decorations are to be removed by July 5th and all winter decorations to be
removed by April 1st.

11. Grave Restrictions: The interment of two bodies in one grave will not be allowed,
except in the case of mother and infant, father and infant, or two children under ten
years of age (both bodies in same casket). Two cremations or one cremation and
one body are allowed in the same grave.

12. Markers: Single Flush markers must not be larger than 1' x 2' and Double Flush
Markers must not be larger than 1' x 3'.

13. Foundations: All foundations for memorials will be installed by a cemetery employee.
Foundation work is done the last week of April until the last week of October (weather 
permitting). No stone work of any kind may be set without a foundation. Prepayment is
also required for a flat marker or monument installation. Please note our policy that
markers will not be accepted for installation where any balance remains on a lot
holders account.

14. Terms of Sales: Graves or Lots may be purchased by Catholics or Non-Catholics.
Graves may be purchased under a deferred payment plan. Payments will be made on
a monthly basis thereafter until the balance of the purchase price is paid. The purchase
price of any grave purchased on the deferred payment plan must be paid in full prior to
any interment. When the purchase price of the grave or graves is paid a receipt of
ownership, with the cemetery seal on it, for burial purposes only will be issued. If a
lot is purchased under a deferred payment plan and the purchaser fails to complete
payment of the full purchase within fifteen months from the date of the deferred payment
 the said plan shall be void at the end of said fifteen months' period and the
cemetery will retain all money from partly paid graves under said plan as liquidated
damages or otherwise.

15. It is the duty of the Bethany Cemetery Commission and the cemetery employees to
see that the Rules and Regulations are complied with and to see that order is maintained.
It is recognized that special cases may arise in which literal enforcement of a rule may
create unnecessary hardships. The Commission reserves the right to make exceptions
or suspension of any of these Rules and Regulations without notice when, in the judgment
of the Commission, such action is deemed necessary.

Approved 3-1-99